Contrast AV is Closing

Closing Statement

We have taken the very difficult decision to close down all of our operations. We had big plans for 2020, with attendance to trade shows, advertising campaigns and forming improved relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and partners, as well as big investments in branding, training. We started the year putting together our plans to present to potential investers and all seemed well. Like so many businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic hit hard, and in a matter of weeks, we saw all our projects, postponed or cancelled. The restrictions placed on travel, while essential, made it impossible for our teams to be where they needed to be, and the risk to their health was too great. We suspended all operations once the UK government announced the lockdown measures, which meant all or staff were furloughed. Launching our own online store was seen as a great way to continue trading, and allowed us to bring back staff from furlough, but supply chain issues and manufacturing delays throughout the industry prevented us from expanding our online store to where we wanted it to go. In August, it became clear that we could never recovered from the pandemic. Despite restrictions being lifted, businesses are still uncertain and travel restrictions come and go too frequently to allow us to do business. With very little future work, we simply cannot sustain the business any longer.

A big thank you to all our staff and clients who have used our services over the last few years!

Thankfully all our staff have been able to find employment elsewere, so we have not had to make any redundancies.

If you are a past client that has a current service contract, we will be contacting you to provide you with the next steps you need to take.

Past clients who do not have a service contact, but do have active product warranties will be able to contact the manufacturers customer service centres directly and provide the product serial numbers supplied in your installation documentation. You only need to do this if your product goes faulty. Manufacturers can then advise you on the next steps to take, but will likely deal with your requiest directly via their existing RMA process

We will formally close by December, but we will stop taking on new clients from September 2o20. Our social networking pages and online store will be deactivated by the end of September 2020

Our main email address will remain active until December 2020. Our office phone number will stop being used by the end of September 2020

All existing orders will be fulfilled and delivered in line with the existing delivery dates on your order confirmation. If you do not have an order confirmation or a delivery date, please get in touch with us via email urgently so we can process your orderĀ 

We will no longer be taking on any new orders or new projects. Please contact us and we can provide you with some alternative companies who can work with you

Please contact us via email. We will be able to deal with your enquiry up until December 2020